Thursday, August 15, 2013


I stayed with my friend Johanna's family in her home town of Neubrandenburg and it was lovely. We traveled around mostly on bicycles, which was new for me, since I tend to drive everywhere I need to in my town!

View of the neighboring houses and backyards from my friend's window

The city wall that surrounds part of Neubrandenburg

Me next to a Wiek house that sits in the wall and acted as housing for soldiers during wars.

One of the 'Tors,' or gates that serves as an entrance into the wall-enclosed city. The Brick Gothic style of the wall is demonstrated in these gates. 

View of the inner part of the wall

A map of the city of Neubrandenburg

A sign on the outside of St. Mary's church, or the Konzertkirche in the city walls. It holds a beautifully constructed concert hall in the main part of the church.

The blessed bells located in the church tower.

View from the peak of the church. 
You can see the neighboring lake called Lake Tollenesee that we swam in.

Another view from the church tower

Me (that small blue dot) outside the church.

Colorful row houses in the city

A colorful building in the city

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