Thursday, August 22, 2013

Detour to... the Czech Republic

One day, we went hiking in the Czech Republic. It was so easy to just cross the border and get into a new country- I was shocked! The views were glorious and there was beer and food waiting for us at the top of the hike.

Me crossing the border into the Czech Republic!

Inside České Švýcarsko National Park (aka Bohemian Switzerland) in the Czech Republic-Hrensko

The Pravčická brána (Prebischtor in German) which was featured in the first Chronicles of Narnia movie

The narrow river we had to travel through by boat to get back to the park entrance.

The boat about 20 of us hikers fit in to travel along the canal.

The man who shuttled us along was great and pointed out landmarks that they put into the riverbed shores to amuse tourists.

I was certainly not expecting to travel to the Czech Republic on my trip to Germany, but I am certainly glad we did because of the breathtaking views and memories we made on the journey.

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