Sunday, January 13, 2013

The New Year

It seems 2013 is starting off quite well! I spent New Year's Eve with friends from UConn. Since some of my friends are studying abroad this coming semester, it was wonderful to spend this holiday all together. 

A few short days after the new year, it was my 21st birthday! I had a lot of fun with my sister and some friends at Mohegan Sun.

Putting my new legal ID to good use has been great, since every bouncer who checks my license wishes me a happy birthday!

Just this past Friday night, we went to the Rocking Horse Saloon in Hartford. It was a grand ol' time complete with an all country playlist and dancing the Cotton Eyed Joe. I'll be sure to visit them again!

Another exciting development in my year has been connecting with the Connecticut Doula Network. As I completed my postpartum doula training this past November, I have been looking forward to putting my knowledge to work. I am currently connecting with nearby doulas in the eastern side of the state to gain some experience by assisting them in their work. 

This winter break has mainly consisted of working on my honors thesis and applying for internships. Luckily, I have an interview lined up for an internship in an amazing hospital in CT. I won't tell you where it is just yet- I'll see how the interview goes first! Wish me luck :)

It's amazing how a movie can have such a profound impact on your life, especially a kid's movie. The movie Up did just that and has expanded my view of a nurses role in someone's life.

I have been entranced by preventative medicine and addressing issues when a person is in the earliest stages of their life. However, the older gentleman in Up has made me realize that my true goal as a nurse is to provide compassionate nursing care regardless of the demographic of clientele I reach. While I hope to push forward in my maternity and family care passions, as empowering women is a particular goal of mine, I also will cherish the moments with all of my patients. No matter where I end up in the realm of nursing, I hope to make a difference in the lives of my patients. 

My Aunt Sandi just gave me a book written by hospice nurses and I am very excited to read it. It's a collection of the stories of various patients as they near death. It seems like such an inspirational book, perfect for a student nurse!

Have a wonderful Sunday! I'm headed off to Mrs. Bridges' Pantry, a tea place in Woodstock. Should be great!

Thanks for reading!